The Moonshiner

  Moonshiner shack in a little greek village

Moonshiner shack in a little greek village

Moonshine has been a part of Americana culture since before British were defeated. It became a much more popular thing when prohibition started in 1920. Which banned the sale of Alcohol both in shops and establishments selling alcohol. When no one could buy it legally, people began making it illegally at home, which became known as moonshine. Nowadays it might be something that you can buy at the local corner store, like Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, or Johnny Walker that were named after the moonshiners. While I was in Greece this past summer I was able to spend time with a local moonshiner. He would spend his evenings making Raki, which is similar to Vodka, but a little more of a kick. Using all different materials to give each batch of moonshine it's own unique flavor. We became friends and he invited me to take a boat and explore the Peloponnese which are the finger looking peninsulas on the mainland of Greece. "There is so much to see in this country" he said. I do not speak Greek, so it was an adventure of sign language, and experiencing the hidden jewels of the ancient world.

  The pot making homemade Raki

The pot making homemade Raki

  A bottle of fresh Raki on a bar

A bottle of fresh Raki on a bar

Things I have seen on my journey with that man:

Fish for breakfast

Escargot, anybody?

I prefer dark coffee

Ancient amphitheatre


Modern jungle

Beautiful ancient churches that are everywhere

A road to an ancient understanding of hell civilized with boats and lifejackets for those who are just visiting


The boats on top of the underworld, but under the upperworld. I guess we are the middleworld

A fish farm


A no wheel bus transformed into a souvenirs shop


Local Yellow Pages


A cozy village along sea. Inviting travellers to have some lunch or famous greek Frappe, a type of coffee that only they know how to make. Starbucks doesn't

Ancient ruins are everywhere showing us that old civilizations are still there and it wasn't so long ago. That's something that you don't see in US just driving by. "Oh, look, there is another castle and the warriors and Emperors used to hangout here..."


And right before the road trip was over


I have seen a sunflower


And on top of it I have seen Zeus


Photography and story by Matt Wessen, edited by Anna Wessen