The Inventor - Mikey Ronje


Mikey is an engineer that lives in Topanga. He makes machines and boats in his garage. There is no company he does it for. It's all for fun and doesn't come from books but from his own imagination.

Like in every private laboratory, the inventor himself is the only one that can understand where is what.

Unique inventions come out of it. Like this surfboard shaped out of the door.

Mikey traded a boat trailer for a go-cart. He took the wheels off and attached a spool of rope to the drive shaft creating a way to be pulled into waves.


Mikey walks towards the sea for the first tests holding the water ski rope.

The machine works! Notice the rope dividing the frame!


A sticker on his car reminds us of doing what your love shouldn't be driven by money but passion.

Another invention of his is a home-made sailboat. The production cost is under $100 and it fits on the top of any car.


Testing Sailboat 1.0 in the Topanga waters. 

New car, new sailboat. Version 2.0.


Having a sailboat in LA is a luxury. But Mikey doesn't care about what society it trying to tell us. He sails with his friends without investing gazillions but investing his creativity. Version 2.0 is a success!

Sting ray - a surfboard with no fins on the bottom, instead a wood dowel attached to the back of the board allowing for the dowel to bend to the shape of the tube.

Sting ray in the tube.


Mikey has many different ways he approaches waveriding and the sea. For example on this picture you can see him surfing a wooden door.


The man, the myth, the legend.

A unicorn riding a rainbow.

The Portrait of a Man and his Machine.