Moments Through America.


The sunset at the border of California and Arizona States. The sun is still in California and you are already in Arizona.


Matthew posing as a stone age photographer in Flinstone's themed park "Bedrock City" in Valle, AZ.


Somewhere in the States. Reload your gun while your partner is tanking the car.


Someone's house in Montana. Straight from a cartoon or a horror movie. Both would work. I am sure whoever built this was not interested in any sunshine. "Let's just do some windows so there is air. But not too much!"

Bozeman, MT local news: "A new homeowner on 19th Avenue wanted to know what all the police activity in the area was about." (left). An old cigarette machine converted into fine art vending machine (right).

Eating heavy meals while traveling by car doesn't make you feel good. So green juice!


Main street.


Middle America. Welcome!


A moment when it's not about fashion anymore but about keeping yourself warm. An American Apparel, beanie, earmuffs, fur coat, russian shawl and skiing gloves combo.


It doesn't state whom you are helping. Because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Karma-wise. (left) An inflatable Unicron horn... For cats. (right)


Matt rocking Bogner and a cute beanie in the snow. A unique ability of that man to look good in anything.


Snowman with no hands or eyes. Postmodernism as it is.

And street-art, here - Banksy. Protected by the glass and a frame because finally it became popular and valuable in modern society.


The "Let it snow" moments.

Someplace called Tuba city. Not after those getting tubed. Something else. They also have an interesting way of writing letter G there. 


Just read it.


Moving art!


Walking billboard next to the guy on the billboard at the Sundance Film Festival.


Inside dinosaur belly park ride.

Connecting to the nature. Remote places where Sky, Earth, Air, Fire and You become one. There is also water somewhere there. Maybe.

Streets of America awaiting for tourists.

Map of "you are here now, but why?" in a hotel.

Behind the scenes: changing travel gear for photo shoot fashion gear in the desert. It's freezing outside and the winds are ruthless. This is what came out of it

The cows are black, the sky is blue, we are in the middle of nowhere and I love you:


Iced coffee and "Welcome back home" sign.


Photography and story by Matt and Anna Wessen