Monday Moments

This is the first post in our new section - Monday Moments. This week we are late due to our trip to San Francisco but who cares. It's all about the moment. One thing we can promise is that it will always be different then the previous one. And, like every other moment, it is a special one. So stand there and realize it. Here is that feeling. It's like a butterfly you just caught with your hands and are trying to hold onto it without destroying it, instead of holding on, remember it and let it go. Today's music is like that:


The moment when you are standing on stage at The Wiltern. Or any stage that musician kids were dreaming about when you were growing up. You are standing there with no butterflies, because you aren't performing and you aren't a musician. Tickets are sold out and the crowd is going wild.


That moment when the training is over and no one cares anymore, but the coach still does.


Standing in the bathroom line looking at people's shoes. Maybe a Music Festival or someone's wedding. It's a feeling we all know


When five people in your family have a birthday party on the same day, and you all get one cake.


When you see an American flag on the car, then realize it is a Rolls Royce. THESE people are reminding you of something with this flag, guess what it is?


Or that moment when you are enjoying the view with your first cup of coffee and your wife brings you the newspaper


That day when you were cleaning the swimming pool with your friends


The second when you walk into the ocean and someone throws freezing water on you.


When you are parking by the wall with this sign on it.


Running to the sea with your board in the right hand.


Taking out a sandwich that you put in your snack pack before leaving home. The happy moment when you find it, and knowing that it can get you through another surf session.


Trying to find THAT file on your hard drives...


When you had a tequila from a bottle in Mexico. May be it wasn't tequila, and not in Mexico... You only did it once. But you still remember that feeling.


Eating your ice cream from a plastic cup or smoking your cigarette during a break in modeling for some company. No, you don't wear those clothes everyday, no one does. Only people in look book pictures. And you are standing there thinking that this should actually be in the look book


When a rainbow appears and the tide is right. And you already have your wetsuit on. It's all working out perfectly today. Thanks Mother Earth!


Shot by Matt Wessen in Germany (Berlin), US (Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara), Mexico (Baja)

Story by Anna Wessen