Imagine if you were working on a distant island in the middle of sea. And one day you met a man that fell in love with you at first site. In that moment you felt the same. Left everything behind for love to go to an ancient village and less than a week later you got married. This is what Isis did. I was the one who married Pyn and Isis on that island in the fall years ago. The story does not end there. Pyn is an amazing singer, songwriter. As their love began to blossom so did Isis as a singer. They began in Greece, sold everything they had to get to LA and never gave up on their dream of music. Now they are back in Greece at the Ikarus after a long US and European tour. The band is called Barb Wire Dolls. They are DIY and are living the dream the way they want. These photos of Isis were taken in NYC during their last US tour.


What is it worth to follow your dream? How far will you go? What would you sacrafice to get there?

Photography and story by Matt Wessen