Greg Chapman Executive Suits

The Story

Greg Chapman is the owner of the executive tailored clothing store located in Beverly Hills, CA. He is in business for more than 40 years. His story and the story of his family is like a movie itself. In 1967 he married the love of his life Rajashree. At that time she was one of the biggest and most beautiful Bollywood stars. Their wedding took place in India, lasted 5 days and hosted 15000 guests. After that they moved to Los Angeles and started the business. Their first client was Mr Robert Wessen.

In 1992 Robert ordered a custom suit for his collection. But never picked it up. The Rodney King Riots happened. 20 years later Greg Chapman was going through his warehouse storage and found the suit. He recognized the initials on the tag and called Robert, they stayed good friends through years. The suit fit perfectly Robert's son Matt, who was ten at the time suit was made.

We took the historical piece across America and did the photoshoot in honor of that amazing story in the land of Monument Valley.

Photography by Anna Glass