MINI Cooper photo shoot for Japan

BMW Group has launched the Wanderlust campaign, an initiative that encourages the brand's fans from all over the world to "Get away from the everyday routine to discover something new and risk an adventure."

Matt Wessen did a photo shoot for Mini Cooper Wanderlust Chad Marshall Beach Party.

Chad Marshall is a brilliant surfer, longtime friend and one of the co-founders of Brothers Marshall and a co-owner of Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice, CA.

The pictures went on billboards in Japan.

Motivating the right audience in the right way to achieve results for a specific product. Mini wanted to appeal to a young audience by planning events in a very contemporary way, through social media. Mini's target audience is young, trendy and adventurous and thus the "Wanderlust" campaign was born. 18 events in 18 cities with three short weeks. Influencers with huge twitter followings were the hosts of events that invited 25-100 of their followers with huge twitter followings themselves to events with one goal in mind: tweet your entire following. The results? More hits for Mini than had every been achieved through any other medium including all ad campaigns. Examples of events: night surfing with world class surfer with only the lights of minis illuminating him as he rode the waves, hot dogs and s'mores on the sand. The "Wanderlust" site ultimately reached far more than ever anticipated and was deemed motivational for Mini owners and prospective buyers through the many thousands of tweets.